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Gift Back Scheme

So, who is Gift Back for?

The answer, simply put, is anyone and everyone! One of its key messages is that the little things really count. Each donation, no matter how small, quickly adds up and before you know it, a sizeable amount has been raised for charity.

One of the best things about Gift Back is that it’s automatic and costs you nothing. Whether you’re a big company, always putting on events and needing gazebos and flags left right and centre or a modest start up who simply needs to kit out their staff – you help us to make it count by simply ordering what you need.

Here’s how it works…

We automatically allocate 2.5% of the total value of every sale to our Gift Back scheme. Whatever you spend with us we guarantee that 2.5% of that amount will go direct to charity, at no extra cost to you.

At the end of each quarter we total up the donation amounts and give this to our Gift Back nominated Air Ambulance Trust or Registered Charity.

Further down the line we’re aiming to include more charities and potentially give you the opportunity to choose who receives your donations.

If you want to help us raise more, please spread the word on social media using the hashtag #makingitcount.

To do your bit all you need to do now is go shopping!

Martyn Perry our MD talks about where the idea came from:

“I was brought up on sound business values by a very driven grandfather who, despite flying many missions over occupied Europe and in 1942 being taken as a POW, endeavored post-war to create a new concept within the job market called ‘Recruitment Advertising’. By the mid nineties he was running a highly successful company and employed over a thousand staff worldwide. Throughout his working life, he never forgot the Red Cross, an organisation that had always meant a lot to him personally. Each year he donated a percentage of his company’s profit back to the Red Cross as his way of showing his gratitude and giving back.

And so, we arrive at my personal ambition. As a keen helicopter pilot myself and having spent seven years in the commercial helicopter world, I highly value the many Air Ambulances that operate throughout the UK and feel a personal commitment to support these causes. Without the trusts, thousands of volunteers and dedicated teams of professionals, our Air Ambulances would not be able to operate to the high standards they do today.

It’s well documented that Air Ambulances are not funded by central government, meaning that they rely purely on the generosity of the British public and funding from local NHS trusts. I believe everyone can make a difference and that we can create a platform that allows my business to provide a dedicated revenue stream to your local Air Ambulance trust or registered charitable causes. Henceforth, ‘Gift Back’ is born! Gift Back is a project that Identity will introduce to all its clients by presenting their local Air Ambulance trust/Charity with a 2.5% donation of the invoice value (excl. VAT) on behalf of you. This is just a starting point. Our aim is to donate more and we will be actively seeking ways to achieve this as well as branching out further to include more charities in the longer term.

My pledge to the thousands of companies across the UK is this:
If you choose to require the services of Identity we will guarantee the best price and ensure the pledge to support your local Air Ambulance or registered charitable causes.”

This scheme is independently monitored by Thompson Jenner LLP of Exeter.

Charities we’re actively supporting

The following organisations have received cash donations from the Gift Back scheme. To register your organisation to receive funding please contact Martyn Perry

St Margs