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Here at identity we can “brand” clothing and promotional items in a number of ways. Read more about them below:


Embroidery offers a beautiful luxury finish with both longevity and durability. We work with highly professional companies who have been digitising embroidery for over 20 years. Embroidery is not suitable for some materials e.g. waterproof fabrics – please contact us for your ideal solution.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a widely used method of decoration, which gives is a high quality, unique and durable design. A design is printed onto fabric through a stencil held in place by a screen. Each screen prints one part of the design in one colour. Once printed, the design is then fixed using steam or dry heat. There are many different effects and finishes that can be implemented using this method with stunning results.


Using a transfer is lower cost solution, which offers an accurate and efficient finish. The design is printed onto a non-textile material and then transferred using another process onto fabric. Countless effects are possible including matte, embroidered badges, glitter, 3D, extra durable (great for workwear), flocked and metallic to name a few! It’s a highly versatile process and suitable for almost any fabric.

2nd November 2016